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What did Elizabeth Learn the First 6 Months Being a Mama?

Elizabeth is a new mama! Find out what mattresses, nursing pillows and changing pads helped her during her first six months.

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Bed Time is to be Honored

We love our Baby Bluebird Crib Mattress from Moonlight Slumber! It has real temperature control and a cozy base mattress cover that is comfortable enough to sleep on by itself, as well as anti microbial and waterproof! I picked her up from a nap (she was crying) and there were little drops sitting next to her from her eyes! Don’t worry, I snuggled her hard but got a kick out of the tears on the mattress!

Have One or Two Nursing pillows

The Butterfly Nursing Pillow by Moonlight Slumber is the best! The flaps on the side help me to push the pillow into the perfect nursing position and Hilde loves to snuggle up in it! The cover is also organic and easy to remove to wash (a must for any baby product!) And now that Hilde is growing, she loves to climb over it or sit next to it when we are done nursing!

Have Changing Stations In Multiple Rooms

We live in a three floor town-home and sometimes climbing two flights of stirs to change a poopy diaper is not my idea of fun. haha. Have a couple changing stations around the house to change a diaper when you need to without it interrupting whatever you are in the middle of doing. It also keeps baby happy. Hilde hates sitting in a dirty diaper for too long! We like to keep this Changing Pad with Organic Cotton Cover downstairs for diaper changes! It is comfortable, quality, and super easy to clean!

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