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How Did Rachael Transition Violet to Her Own Room?

Violet is ready for her own room! Read Rachael's 5 tips for moving your baby to their own room!

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Set Up The Space

Before you even begin the transition, you are going to want to have their nursery ready. You will need a crib, and a firm mattress that is safe for infants. I use the Baby Bluebird Crib Mattress from Moonlight Slumber because it is Greenguard certified for safety. For my peace of mind, that is so important. I do not want to have to worry when I lay my baby down at night that their mattress isn’t safe. On the reverse side of the Baby Bluebird mattress is a cooling gel memory foam layer, for toddlers. So you can flip the mattress to add additional comfort for older children. Moonlight Slumber also has a mini crib mattress that will be perfect for your bassinet. With the same feel as the Baby Bluebird Mattress, this mini crib mattress will make the transition from bassinet to crib even easier. Your baby will hardly be aware of the change since their mattress will feel the same.

Be Patient!

Violet has been in her own room now for about a month and it just feels like routine. I don’t even think twice about putting her down in her own bed. It is her favorite place to sleep now. When we lay her in bed she just starts getting sleepy and usually will put herself right to sleep within minutes. The super soft, plush, stretch knit cover, that comes with the Bluebird Mattress, makes it extra comfy for Violet. You don’t even need to put a sheet on this mattress because the cover slips off for easy washing. The Bluebird Mattress cover is actually much more soft and comfy than most crib sheets I’ve tried.

Read “5 Tips For Moving Your Baby To Their Own Room” from Rachael Burgess

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