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LaVie Lactation Massager Showcase


Breastfeeding is about bonding… not about clogged ducts!


 Nursing your baby is a profound experience. Nothing compares to that delirious, contented expression on a newborn’s face after nursing.  But all too often, breastfeeding becomes a rocky road of obstacles. Engorgement, blocked ducts and painful mastitis rapidly turns “Wow!” to “Oww!”  

The LaVie Lactation Massager was designed in collaboration with lactation consultants and real moms. Its unique and varied shape gives you just the right pressure to unclog your painful ducts. Gentle and strong vibration settings help with circulation and milk flow. 


LaVie Lactation Massager


The wide side encourages let-down and softens breast for latching; the narrow tip stimulates stubborn ducts; the scoop edge encourages milk to move freely through the breast.

Too much milk causes uncomfortable engorgement. New moms are especially prone to engorgement shortly after childbirth. The gentle vibration and massage reduces the risk of swollen breasts.

Blocked ducts can impede milk flow. Left unchecked, blocked ducts can lead to painful infections and mastitis. The LaVie’s contoured tip attacks and softens blocked ducts and encourages regular milk flow.


Yes, you can use the LaVie Massager in a warm shower! Constructed with medical- grade silicone, the material is soft and BPA-free. Includes a USB charger and travel pouch for on-the-go usage.


Five Ways to Use Your LaVie Lactation massager


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