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Q&A: What’s the Deal with Moonlight Slumber Mattresses?

Don't you wish you could chat with someone who actually works for a baby mattress manufacturer and knows exactly how crib mattresses are made? That's exactly what we did.

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We reached out to Patty, of Moonlight Slumber, to explain the ins and outs of the crib mattress industry.

Getting a newborn, toddler or child to sleep through the night or nap can be a challenge. Oftentimes parents are tempted to buy calming and soothing baby products that may get their child to sleep throughout the night. But in many cases, the right crib mattress will set yourself up for the best possible success in getting your child to sleep through the night. The right crib mattress can even help him with putting himself to sleep!

Figuring out which crib mattress to buy is another challenge. This is why we’ve asked our Moonlight Slumber crib mattress expert to explain some of the safety standards and other considerations of our popular and bestselling Moonlight Slumber crib mattresses to help guide our consumers so their child can sleep through the night.

What makes Moonlight Slumber crib mattress eco-friendly?

96% of the materials used to make our Moonlight Slumber crib mattresses are recyclable.  We also utilize plant oils as part of the mixture to produce the foam.  Harvesting plant oils versus 100% petroleum-based oils leaves less of a carbon foot print.

Are essential oils used in the mattress foam? If so, why? 

There are no essential oils used in the formulation of our foam.  Essential oils have not proven to be able to withstand the vigorous use that foam would be put through during the life of a crib mattress, so any use of an essential oil would be more of an additive that would not enhance the performance of our product.

The word “organic” is often used in the product description. What part of the mattress does it refer to and is it always toxin-free?

The word organic is misused so much in the baby product description that it seems to have lost its efficacy.  Moonlight crib mattresses are not organic.  If they were organic, they could not be waterproof as we do not believe you can start with an organic component like cotton, have it coated in a plastic, and still tell the consumer it is organic.  We believe that is misleading.

We do have a few crib mattress covers that are either made from 100% organic cotton that go on our mattresses or covers that are made with 30% organic crib mattress covers, but the mattresses themselves are not organic.  In the end, Moonlight Slumber is committed to providing a safe, hygienic product, that delivers all the conveniences our parents need with all the crib mattress safety certifications they deserve.

What health benefits do organic products have over non-organic?

This question would be impossible to answer as I would need to know what the non-organic product was made of.

A better question a consumer might need to consider is if both crib mattresses are given a UL GREENGUARD GOLD CERTIFICATION, why would I assume one is healthier or better than the other?

What is meant by a plant-based crib mattress? 

When plant oils were first introduced to the oil mix used to create foam, many manufacturers referred to the foam as “plant-based.”  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled this was misleading to consumers, as only a percentage of the oil was from plants while a larger percentage remained petroleum based.  Moonlight Slumber swiftly changed their language, but many competitors are still using “plant-based” which could mislead consumers.

What federal guidelines are used in determining the safety and security of a crib mattress?

Federal guidelines have been set in relation to the U.S. standard crib size mattress as well as the flammability standards that must be met.  Moonlight Slumber has met all of these requirements since it started producing crib mattresses over 15 years ago.

What do you do in the area of safety and standards to differentiate Moonlight Slumber from other mattress companies?

Moonlight Slumber continually certifies its mattresses and the components to build our crib mattresses to ensure the highest level of safety for our littlest of customers.  Our mattresses are both CertiPur & UL GreenGuard Gold Certified on a yearly basis.

What goes in ensuring the mattress foam is certified and up to standard?

Both CertiPur & GreenGuard Gold Certifications.

Which safety features are critical for supporting younger babies or are they one and the same?

The certifications previously mentioned above, as well as the utilization of the proper density of foam to ensure the appropriate amount of firmness for all infant sleep surfaces.

Which safety features are critical for supporting older babies and toddlers or are they one and the same? 

All of the above mentioned certifications.

Which safety features and certifications are important for ensuring breathability in the crib mattress? 

It is important to note that a crib mattress is an inanimate object and therefore does not breathe.  I am unaware of any type of certificate for breathability.  It is worth noting though that a crib mattress or some of its components can however allow for air flow.  For example, Moonlight Slumber has an air flow cover that allows air to easily pass through it at the child’s sleep surface.

How do manufacturers ensure additional product safety? How often is testing done?

Yearly testing to maintain certifications is required by the testing facilities.

What’s the difference between waterproof and water-resistant in terms of certifications and materials? 

Waterproof material will not allow a liquid to penetrate it.  Water will accumulate on the surface and remain until wiped away.  Water-resistant implies that liquid will run off and whisk away. However if left to pool and sit for lengthy periods of time it could eventually seep into the object.  It is important to note that Moonlight Crib products are waterproof as well odor and stain resistant, but not waterproof.

Learn more about the different kinds of our Moonlight Slumber crib mattresses along with their safety and standard features.

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